Brush off any dirt or food particles that may be clinging to the suit after you wear it.
Allow your suit to hang for a day or two on a good wood hanger after wearing it. This allows the material to recover and drape out most wrinkles between uses.
Use a cloth cover which allows air to still circulate through the suit even when it’s being stored.
Store carefully to avoid creasing and dusting.
Handle with care.


Do not wash.
Dry clean your garment very often.
Wear when exercising, gardening or doing housework.
Allow contact with perfumes, lotions, hairspray or cosmetics.

How should I care for my garment?

Your garment is designed to withstand the normal rigours of modern life, but keep in mind that they are still made from precious and delicate fabrics so a bit of extra care is always a good idea.

What happens if my garment breaks?

Disaster – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Your year long warranty means we’ll have it fixed for you during that time if the worst happens.


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